Montessori Center School

toddler through sixth grade since 1965

The Computer Technology program at MCS provides students with basic knowledge of computing for success in the elementary school environment, as well as providing an introduction to the vast array of computer applications which they may use later in life.  All students practice their keyboarding skills and create PowerPoint presentations supporting other academic work  while getting an introduction to major fields in computing.

Fourth year students are introduced to basic concepts in programming and electrical engineering with safe games and toys such and  Little Bits while upper grade students choose an area of interest in: Graphics, Journalism, Photography, Animation and Programing. 

Students are encouraged to think out of the box, to understand what computers do, how these machines affect their world  and how they as young people might become part of the Makers Movement. In the computer lab, everyone is an artist and an engineer, and so everyone is encouraged to try out different roles.