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Appointed in 1998 About me
Claude-Lise Lafranque
Music Specialist
805-683-9383 x245

Claude-Lise Lafranque

805-683-9383 x245

Title Music Specialist
Classes Music
Appointed 1998
Claude-Lise La Franque is the MCS music specialist teacher. She has a B.A. with a first prize in performance from the National Conservatory in Bordeaux, France and completed the Orff teacher training certification program. She has performed for the Santa Barbara Symphony for over twenty-five years and is an active member of the Santa Barbara music community.
Appointed in 2004 About me
Sharon Liddy
Assistant Teacher Red Door

Sharon Liddy

Title Assistant Teacher Red Door
Classes Red Door
Appointed 2004
Sharon Liddy came to Montessori in 2004 and is the assistant teacher in Red Door. Sharon has worked with pre-primary and primary children in various childcare settings for the last 25 years.