Montessori Center School

toddler through sixth grade since 1965


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Melanie Jacobs
Head of School
805-683-9383 X 102
Birgit Crable
Business and Facilities Manager
805-683-9383 x 103
Melanie Newhouse
Associate Administrator, Student Support Services Director
805-683-9383 x109
Alyssa Morris
Director of School Admissions
805-683-9383 x104
Peggy Polos
Director of Development and Marketing
805-683-9383 x 105
Annette Morales
Administrative Assistant
805-683-9383 x106
Lex Benes
Receptionist / Office Assistant
805-6839383 ext 101
Shereen Ramawtar
805-683-9383 X 108
Janelle Ashby
Learning Specialist
805-683-9383 X 250
Margaret McCleery-Cota
Head Teacher Gold Door
805-683-9383 x107
Nicole Staska
Co-Teacher Gold Door
805-683-9383 X 107
Suzuki Contreras
Assistant Teacher Gold Door
Sandy Gorman
Head Teacher White Door
805-683-9383 X 214
Yeonwook Uyeno
Assistant Teacher White Door
Dorothy Miller
Assistant Teacher White Door
Dell Barden
Head Teacher Blue Door
805-683-9383 X 216
Sarah Lopez
Blue Door Assistant Teacher
Kathryn Parker
Head Teacher Yellow Door
805-683-9383 x224
Gabriela Elias
Assistant Teacher Yellow Door
Krista Williams
Head Teacher Red Door
805-6839383 ext 220
Sharon Liddy
Assistant Teacher Red Door
Kacy Christofani
Head Teacher Silver Door
805- 683-9383 X 222
Carla Shapiro
Assistant Teacher Silver Door
JoAnne Serpa
Head Teacher Navy Door
805-683-9383 X 218
Paula Ludwig
Navy Door Assistant Teacher
Anne Raiter
Head Teacher Aqua Door
805-683-9383 X 226
Chloe Kroes
Aqua Door Assistant Teacher
Irene Morales
Head Teacher Green Door
805-683-9383 X 228
Kimberly Sanchez
Green Door Assistant Teacher
Molly O'Malia
Head Teacher Purple Door
805-683-9383 x 232
Amber Miller
Assistant Teacher Purple Door
Cydney Miller
Head Teacher Brown North
805-683-9383 X 235
Janira Cotto
Brown Door North Assistant Teacher
Kim Keller
Head Teacher Brown West
805-683-9383 x238
Ryan Long
Brown Door West Assistant Teacher
Loric Box
Head Teacher Brown East
805-683-9383 x237
Emily Stratton
Brown Door East Assistant Teacher
Alyssa Gonzalez
Art Specialist
805-683-9383 x 239
Caitlin Tufts
Spanish Language Specialist
805-683-9383 X 230
Claude-Lise Lafranque
Music Specialist
805-683-9383 x245
Anne Curtin
805-683-9383 x243
Suzanne Hawtrey
Library Assistant
Derrick Curtis
Physical Education Specialist
805-683-9383 X 241
Garrett Blair
Drama Specialist
Francis Cosworth
Computer and Technology Specialist
Kathy Finck
Primary After School Care Lead
805- 683-9383 X 248
Jacqueline Ochoa
Primary After School Care/ Playground
Joanna Martin
Permanent Substitute
Paulo Perez
Buildings and Grounds Maintenance