Montessori Center School

toddler through sixth grade since 1965


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Melanie Jacobs
Head of School
805-683-9383 X 102
Birgit Crable
Business and Facilities Manager
805-683-9383 x 103
Melanie Newhouse
Associate Administrator, Student Support Services Director
805-683-9383 x109
Alyssa Morris
Director of School Admissions
805-683-9383 x104
Peggy Polos
Director of Development and Marketing
805-683-9383 x 105
Janelle Ashby
Learning Specialist
805-683-9383 X 250
Shereen Ramawtar
805-683-9383 X 108
Cindy Pratt
Front Office Manager and Extracurricular Activities
805-683-9383 x101
Suzanne Hawtrey
Library Assistant
Kimberly Sanchez
Assistant Teacher Green Door
Alyssa Gonzalez
Art Teacher
805-683-9383 x 239
Anne Curtin
805-683-9383 x243
Amber Miller
Assistant Teacher Brown North
Anne Raiter
head teacher Aqua Door
805-683-9383 X 226
Caitlin Tufts
Spanish Language Specialist
805-683-9383 X 230
Carla Shapiro
Assistant Teacher Silver Door
Claude-Lise Lafranque
Music Specialist
805-683-9383 x245
Cydney Miller
Head Teacher Brown North
805-683-9383 X 235
Dell Barden
Head Teacher Blue Door
805-683-9383 X 216
Derrick Curtis
Physical Education Specialist
805-683-9383 X 241
Ellen Evans
Assistant Teacher Purple Door
Francis Cosworth
Computer and Technology Specialist
Irene Morales
Head Teacher Green Door
805-683-9383 X 228
Gabriela Elias
Assistant Teacher Yellow Door
Jennifer Moody
Assistant Teacher Blue Door
Joanne Serpa
Head Teacher Navy Door
805-683-9383 X 218
Kacy Christofani
Head Teacher Silver Door
805- 683-9383 X 222
June Taggs
Assistant Teacher Gold Door
Kathryn Parker
Head Teacher Yellow Door
805-683-9383 x224
Kim Keller
Head Teacher Brown West
805-683-9383 x238
Krista Williams
Assistant Teacher Navy Door
Loric Box
Head Teacher Brown East
805-683-9383 x237
Margaret McCleery-Cota
Head Teacher Gold Door
805-683-9383 x107
Mikki Jee
Head Teacher Red Door
805- 683-9383 X 220
Molly O'Malia
Head Teacher
805-683-9383 x 232
Nancy Dubie
Assistant Teacher Brown East
Nicole Staska
Head Teacher White Door
805-683-9383 X 208
Peggi Robinson
Assistant Teacher Brown West
Rick Drake
Head Teacher Aqua Door
805-683-9383 X 227
Sandy Gorman
Head Teacher White Door
805-683-9383 X 214
Sharmila Gunasekara
Assistant Teacher Gold Door
Sharon Liddy
Assistant Teacher Red Door
Suzuki Contreras
Extended Day Gold door
Yeonwook Uyeno
Assistant Teacher and Extended Day White Door
Coreen Snow
After School Care Provider
805- 683-9383 X 205
Kathy Finck
After School Care Provider
805- 683-9383 X 248
Gail Hart
After School Care Assistant
Dorothy Miller
Playground Aide and Breaks Assistant
Paulo Perez
Buildings and Grounds Maintenance