About Us

Our mission is to offer a Montessori education that encourages intellectual, social, physical, creative and moral development, preparing students for academic excellence, confident, lifelong learning and responsible, caring lives.

All children are naturally curious and love to learn; we support this innate drive by providing environments that meet children’s developmental needs, by creating a staff of loving and well-prepared adults and by building a community of families that actively support our mission.

Our teaching method focuses on the following areas:

Intellectual: Hands-on material and teacher-facilitated learning creates a stimulating curriculum, responsive to individual learning styles and developmental stages (“sensitive periods”), that treats the child as both teacher and student, that fosters order, independence and creativity in thinking, and that provides a strong basis for scholastic ability and for optimizing intellectual potential.

Social: Adults and children in multi-age classrooms act as models for and encouragers of appropriate choices and behaviors that honor the feelings of self and others, demonstrate mutual respect for members of the classroom and global communities and foster qualities of leadership and group contribution.

Physical: Participation in play, fine and gross motor activities, fitness and performing arts reinforce the mind-body connection and enhance agility.

Creative: Exposure to visual and performing arts curricula strengthens, broadens, and enhances intellectual and cultural development.

Moral: Opportunities exist to learn and use ethical judgment and civility within the family-like order of the classroom, so that universal values such as respect, responsibility, honesty, self-discipline, compassion, perseverance and loyalty are supported.



Our School Logo

The logo is an Eastern symbol which,
in education, represents the three
equal parts of learning:
the body of knowledge
those who teach
those who learn.
These three together form the whole; one cannot exist without the other.