Admissions FAQs

Can I drop by at any time for a school tour?

Due to the high interest in our program, tours are held by appointment only. We are happy to answer general questions on the phone or by email. You can reach our director of admissions, Alyssa Morris, at (805)683-9383 ex. 104 or email her at to schedule at tour.

Who should attend the school tour?

Both parents (if applicable & possible). The initial tour is for adults only; your child will have an opportunity to visit the classroom and the teacher at a later date.

Is there a waiting list?

Some of our programs are fully enrolled and do have a waiting list. You can ask the admissions director for more information about your particular program.

How far in advance may I submit an application?

Parents are encouraged to apply as early as possible.

May I request a specific classroom/teacher?

Yes, you may request a specific teacher or classroom. Although we try to accommodate requests, we cannot guarantee placement.

What are the factors that determine my child’s placement?

Depending on the openings that are available, our goal is to balance the classrooms by age and gender of the children.

Is there a sibling discount?

No, there is not a tuition sibling discount.