Financial Aid


Paying for your child/children’s education at Montessori Center School is an investment in their future and also a significant financial commitment for a family. MCS recognizes this and aims to provide educational opportunity for students by bridging the gap between what a family can afford to pay and the full cost of an MCS education.

MCS does not have an endowment to support financial aid. Every year we designate a small part of the budget to support financial aid. Therefore, the amounts of funds largely depend on enrollment and donations to the school. It is important that the family assumes primary responsibility for financing a student’s education. Families must consider all personal resources when applying to the school for funds. Income is only one determining factor for assistance; thus, there is no one “profile” that qualifies or disqualifies a family to receive aid.

MCS does not offer merit or academic scholarships, reserving all financial aid for those families with a demonstrated need and for strategic enrollment needs.


For families wishing to apply for financial aid, MCS uses an online tool called SMART AID to analyze financial data and make recommendations to the Financial Aid Committee. Parents complete the web-based application and submit it to SMART AID along with tax documentation.  SMART AID uses a formula to calculate a financial award recommendation based on the family’s income, expenses, assets and liabilities. The MCS Financial Aid Committee then reviews the recommendations on a case by case basis to determine financial aid awards. The amount of the award will be based on SMART AID recommendation, as well as the enrollment needs of the school.  MCS will send out award letters to families in late March to assist families in making tuition plans for the upcoming school year. All financial aid information is confidential.

Online financial aid applications are processed by SMART AID, they require a $35 non-refundable processing fee per family. If you have questions regarding the application or encounter technical difficulties, please contact SMART AID directly.

Click on the logo below to link to SMART AID to start the application, our school ID is 13780.
Click here for application instructions.

For any other questions regarding financial aid, please contact

MCS does not discriminate in the admission of students on the basis of race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, color, disability, national and ethnic origin.