Board of Trustees

Montessori Center School

The Board of Trustees is responsible for establishing the mission, vision, strategic goals and overall direction of MCS. It oversees the establishment of major policies and procedures and strategic planning. The Board is not involved in the daily operations of MCS. Admission and placement decisions, personnel considerations, and other day-to-day matters are the responsibility of the Head of School. The Board serves as stewards of MCS’s resources and as ambassadors of MCS’s programs. All Board members are volunteers.

Executive Committee
Finance Committee
Development Committee
New Campus Committee
Marketing Committee
New Trustee Committee
Strategic Planning Committee

To contact the Board, please email

Board of Trustees

Tom Burk


Scott Vincent

Vice President

Michael James Hey


Erin Ohlgren


John Berger

Past President

Michael Challen

Leonard Chen

Ken Cohen

Gina Giannetto

Lisa Green

Tim Morton

Tim Morton Smith


Greg Reitz

Greg Reitz

Chris Snowden

Mariaelena Welch