Community Reflections

I cannot say enough good things about this school. It is a second home to my two boys. They both started at the school since they were 18 months old and have thrived under Montessori philosophy. All the teachers are exceptionally professional, caring and sensitive to the needs of the kids. Additionally, the community of parents is amazing.

Rashi Bahri, Parent

I wasn’t educated in Montessori as a child and knew very little about it until we decided to enroll our first child at Montessori Center School. After his first year we knew it was the absolute best decision we could have made and immediately enrolled our daughter there as well. Their focus on the child developing a love of learning is true.

Brian Johnson, Parent

My wife and I feel so blessed and lucky that we chose Montessori Center School for pre-primary when our twins were 22 months old. They are now in their fourth year at MCS and I already know that it will be a bittersweet day about eight years from now when they graduate. MCS is really like their second home. The teachers and administration are all so smart and caring. Take it from me, if you are looking for a school for your toddler to elementary age child, you will be thankful later if you choose MCS!

Tom Burk, Parent

Growing up at MCS was a truly magical experience. My teachers set me up to love learning by allowing me to go at my own pace and by letting my interests guide my education. As an adult, I see my strong decision-making skills, passion for pursuing my interests and care for the world around me as products of my education at MCS.

Sarah Lopez, MCS Alumni & current MCS teacher

Both of our children are thriving in middle and high school, finding their own paths to happiness and being productive members of society. We firmly believe that their kindness, mindfulness and openness to the world were forged by their Montessori education at MCS.

Annie, Parent

Both of my sons have graduated from MCS with a fantastic base of core knowledge, respect for the world and others and a love of learning that will last a lifetime. Now my daughter is there. We wanted our children to have the best first years of school possible and found that MCS meets all our needs and more! Montessori learning is a philosophy that utilizes sensory learning and that was key to us. We all learn in different ways and this program helps support this uniqueness. Most of all we wanted our children to be loved and grow in a caring, respectful and kind place. 

Yumi, Parent