Dr. Maria Montessori worked tirelessly for global peace and received three nominations for a Nobel Peace Prize. Montessori strongly believed that the path to peace lies in the education we give to our children.

Dr. Montessori met Mahatma Gandhi in London in 1931. While living in India during World War II, Montessori and Gandhi corresponded through letters. “Establishing lasting peace is the work of education,” Montessori wrote to Gandhi. Through Gandhi’s interactions with Montessori schools, he understood the wisdom of the Montessori method. Gandhi said, The “more I came in touch” with these schools, “I began to understand that the foundation was good and splendid,” that “children could be taught through the laws of nature—nature, consistent with human dignity, not nature that governs the beast.”

Today we’d like to share with you our “Peace Education” page:

During this crucial time in our history when we are all examining our personal and professional practices regarding diversity, equity and inclusion, we felt this would be an excellent moment to share useful resources related to the Montessori peace education curriculum. This part of our curriculum is near and dear to our hearts as educators and plays a significant role in how we guide our students’ development as citizens of the world.

We will continue to update the page with additional resources over the coming months. Over the course of the school year, we will be examining our practices and exploring ways to cultivate and nurture equality and inclusion within our Montessori community. We look forward to keeping our community informed of our progress and plans.