Specialist Program at MCS

 In creating a rich, academic environment for our students, children receive specialized weekly instruction in Spanish, art, music, physical education, library, theater, and computer technology. The specialist curriculum is designed to foster the development of the whole child while guiding love of learning through the exploration of each child’s interests, skills, and talents. Our specialist curriculum provides students a solid foundation to prepare them for higher levels of education.


Students affirm and develop aesthetic awareness and confidence through creative expression using cross-curricular integration. Students explore technique, function, and process within historical and cultural contexts to gain an understanding and appreciation of art.


Students are educated in instruments, singing, music theory, music appreciation, movement and rhythm using a child-centered approach drawing from literary, national and global materials. Music studio classes are a synthesis of the Orff SchulwerkKodaly and Dalcroze methods of music education.

Physical Education

Students develop teamwork and problem-solving skills while attaining higher physical fitness, agility, endurance, and interest in recreation. PE instruction encourages physical coordination, body awareness, and fine and gross motor skill development.


Starting at the pre-primary level, students explore language, culture, and make connections in Spanish class. Vocabulary is infused with communication and structural language skills that enable the understanding of new concepts. Rigor continues to increase as students move across their planes of development.


 MCS’s library is a community meeting space and boasts an outstanding collection of over 8,000 books for students, staff, and families to access. The library curriculum is designed to develop foundational library skills and to promote a love of reading. Students of all ages are exposed to a variety of genres, authors, and topics that cultivate a love of learning.


 Elementary Students (grades 1-6) engage in an ensemble-based creation process as a vehicle to develop the skills and practice of collaboration. By working together in groups, students learn to say, “Yes, and…” to each other’s ideas, instead of, “no.” Children learn to combine their ideas so that each student can take ownership of the group’s creation, strengthening self-confidence and self-expression.

 Lower Elementary fall semester work culminates in an afternoon performance of original plays inspired by a specific theme. Upper Elementary winter/spring semester culminates in the full production of a musical.

 Computer Technology

Upper Elementary students (grades 4-6) learn fundamental computer concepts and skills in the realm of media arts and engineering. Lessons integrate STEAM concepts into learning. Students progress from basic keyboarding skills to more advanced design concepts by producing newsletters, presentations, and videos. 

On the engineering side, students begin coding by using drag-and-drop coding blocks, and later transition to typing code in JavaScript or Python. Students apply their knowledge to analyze information, collaborate, problem-solve and practice their presentation skills.

Advanced students will become part of the Internet of Things (IoT) movement by programing interactive microcontrollers to control small mechanical devices and robots.


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