Summer Camps

Are you looking for a fun way to extend the regular school year? Whether your family is new to Montessori or has been a part of the community for years, all are welcome. Summer program instructors embrace Montessori principles while providing an enriching experience that is unique, educational, and fun. Children continue to work within the school environment alongside trained teachers while exploring themes and activities that are exclusive to the summer program.

Montessori Center School is providing child care services for essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our child care program is open to the public and serves children ages 3 through age 12. The program runs from June 9 – July 31.

Our Pre-Primary summer program serves children aged 18 months – 3 years old.  It is available only to currently enrolled children or children who are enrolled in the fall.

Click on the button above to learn more. Activities may be altered to adhere to the CDC and public health guidelines for childcare.


Questions? Please contact Lisa Tosta, l.tosta@mcssb.org805-683-9383 x 101.


Mixed Age Groupings

Just as during the school year, the summer program celebrates the benefits of mixed age classes.  This allows teachers to create developmentally appropriate activities in response to the different developmental needs of children.  Younger children will be able to learn from older children, and older children will enjoy the chance to be leaders.

Exploring New Themes

Is your primary aged child interested in sports or arts & crafts?  Does your elementary aged child want to explore nature or cooking? The summer program gives kids a chance to step outside the traditional scope of classroom subject matter and to delve deeper into areas of special interest.  The program continues to celebrate and value children’s choice in their learning, with multiple themes offered for each session throughout the summer.

An Emphasis on the Outdoors

Summer provides excellent opportunities to enjoy nature and a variety of outdoor activities.  When children are not working in the classrooms, and often as a compliment to their work, the outdoor environment will be utilized extensively.  Children will explore, play, and learn while enjoying the various spaces available on our campus. Outdoor activities include walking, gardening, and observation of wildlife.  Your growing child will have many opportunities to run, jump, swing, and spin through organized games and independent play time.

Safety as a Priority

Summer program teachers are well equipped to take excellent care of your child.  Every instructor is trained in CPR and first aid, as well as school-wide protocol in case of an emergency.

Want to Learn More?

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