Envisioning our Future

Strategic Plan 2019 – 2024


Our Institutional Identity:

Vision, Mission and Core Values

Since 1965, Montessori Center School has provided families with a high quality and challenging education. With a unified commitment to guiding the development of the whole child, our aim is to ensure the school is meeting the standards that our community expects from us and that we expect from ourselves. 

As part of that process, we have worked on updating our institutional identity and developing a five-year plan for the school. We’ve collaborated closely with various stakeholders in our community – including our parents, faculty, staff, board, alumni, and students. We’ve listened, collected and reviewed extensive feedback in the form of focus groups, surveys, internal analysis, and assessments.

Today, we unite with our parents, faculty, staff, board and students to share our vision, mission and core values. Our vision, mission and core values are meant to serve as a guide for all to understand what is driving us daily here at MCS; now and in the future.

Vision: Our vision is an authentic Montessori environment within a collaborative, engaged community of positive role models who guide the development of each child’s human potential.

Mission: Our mission is to honor and develop the whole child from 18 months through sixth grade. We provide a nurturing, educational environment authentic to Montessori principles by fostering independent, compassionate, respectful, self-motivated, creative, life-long learners who will become positive forces to care for and transform our world.

Core Values:

Development of the Whole Child – We nurture the social, emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical development of children to prepare them for life.

Academic Excellence – We create a rich, academic environment in which students achieve their full potential as independent, curious, and resourceful thinkers and learners.

Learner Empowerment – Through collaboration and individualized support, we guide students’ love of learning through exploration and the unique expression of their interests, skills, and talents.

Family & Community – Through the Montessori principles of grace and courtesy, we engage as a supportive community by living the mission of MCS.

Respect for All – We cultivate respect for self, others, our environment, and our global community.

Our five-year strategic planning sessions continue through the summer. We look forward to sharing our five-year strategic plan with our community in the new school year.


Melanie Jacobs

Head of School