Student Support Services

Student Support Staff

The Montessori Method of education provides a nurturing, supportive environment for children with many different abilities and learning styles. This includes highly gifted students and children with special needs, including learning differences in reading, writing, spelling and/or math; ADHD; and mild-to-

moderate autism spectrum disorders.

The Montessori Method uses a flexible, open-ended and child-centered curriculum which is well-suited for children with various abilities. Children learn in multi-age classes with the same teacher for three years. This creates a stable and predictable environment where respect for self and others is cultivated.
Montessori teachers are trained observers who individualize and tailor their instruction for all students. Children work at their own pace, avoiding comparison and the feeling of being left behind. For students who are highly gifted, it offers the flexibility of advancing independently, presenting many opportunities
for academic exploration, problem solving and critical thinking.

The Student Support Services program at MCS provides the infrastructure to support students with learning differences and to ensure diverse learning needs are met within the classroom. Our student support services director helps facilitate the identification, assessment and case management of students
and coordinates communication between parents, teachers and outside service providers. When learning issues or high potential learners are identified, the team creates a plan to work with the parents and any outside service providers to determine strategies, interventions and accommodations to
best support your child’s unique needs.

MCS will make reasonable accommodations and modifications to provide an equitable opportunity for your child to participate in the school’s educational program. However, at times some students may need more support services than MCS can provide. MCS will partner closely with families to assess whether
the school’s resources appropriately serve your child’s needs and if another school might be better suited to meet that student’s individual learning needs.

If you have concerns about your child’s development in any area (speech, language, motor skills, social skills, sensory, academic skills, attention), please contact your child’s teacher or our Student Support Services Director: Melanie Newhouse,