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Education for Life

Come join a community dedicated to fostering independent, confident learners

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Welcome to Montessori Center School’s website.

As you explore the site, you will find that MCS is an established school with a fifty year commitment to providing students with a quality education, encouraging the development of the whole child and a lifelong love of learning.

Our highly trained teachers have decades of experience and an unmatched passion for the Montessori philosophy. The MCS program emphasizes independence, freedom within limits, and respect for the child. It builds the academic, intellectual, physical, social, and emotional well-being of the child while challenging each child to achieve his or her potential.

Our well-structured classroom environments are inspiring and engaging, allowing exploration of a broad scope of curricular areas. We invite you to visit our extraordinary campus to see firsthand how a love of learning can be nurtured in a beautiful setting.

I like the blended age classrooms which allow younger students to model and learn from their older peers and the older students to mentor the younger children

— Elizabeth Heckles


18 months – 3 years

A Cozy Home Away from Home


3 – 6 years

Learning How to Think

Lower elementary

6 – 9 years

A Love for Learning


Upper elementary

9 – 12 years

Preparation for Life

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Pre-Primary ( 18 months – 3 years )Primary ( 3 – 6 years )Lower elementary ( 6 – 9 years )Upper elementary ( 9 – 12 years )Summer camps ( All ages )

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