Routines are actions that can be done — making coffee or making your bed. These are the things we do to create peace, balance and a sense of familiarity. Over time these habits with enough intention become rituals. Rituals are viewed as more meaningful practices that have a real sense of purpose. Our rituals are valuable to our state of life and state of mind.

Read on to learn how to turn your routines into mindful rituals.

Out with the old, in with the new

Re-organizing not only makes room for the new but cleanses the mind. Taking the time to change the scenery in your home, can spark new joy. Try lighting candles, diffusing essential oils, and finding peace in your space.

Being still and finding patience

Take the time to stop. We understand this is not easy with kids! Try watering plants and finding the sunniest corners in your home. This is the time you set aside for yourself. Whether that be to reflect or not think at all. These are the moments to achieve patience.

Write it down

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure in these times. You can find the most clarity when writing everything down in a journal. Journaling frees your mind while easing anxiety and uncertainty. Support local and independent businesses by purchasing your journal at Santa Barbara favorite, Chaucer’s, or SLO-based stationery shop, Wilde House Paper. The Rituals & Wellness journal is one option that tracks your rituals, intentions, and thoughts. 

Finding peace in your space.

It’s important to find a space that is healthy and yours. Try reading before bed with a cup of tea. Or doing mindful breathing techniques on your bedroom floor. You might also consider converting an area in your garage for workouts. Finding the calm within your day starts with your environment.

Planning ahead

Set aside time to plan your upcoming week. Planning ahead will decrease anxiety and create a clear path for what’s to come.

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