Reading aloud with your child every day is a great way to build literacy, imagination, and a love of books. Here are a few suggestions for children ages 18 months – 3 years to get you started on some summer reading! We’ve hyperlinked the title with a link to purchase.

Rain! by: Linda Ashman

As an old man grumbles his way through a rainy morning, spreading gloom, his neighbor, a young child, spreads cheer while hopping through puddles in frog-themed rainwear.

Baby Goes to Market by: Atinuke

Join Baby and his doting mama at a bustling southwest Nigerian marketplace for a bright, bouncy read-aloud offering a gentle introduction to numbers.

From Head to Toe by: Eric Carle

Giraffes can bend their necks, monkeys can wave their hands, and donkeys can kick their legs. And so can you! Throughout this interactive book, the animals invite young readers to copy their antics as they play.

How to be a Big Kid by: DK

Being little is hard work. There’s so much for children to learn: tying their shoelaces, finding the right hole for each arm in a sweater, remembering to say “please” and “thank you,” sharing toys with other children, and a whole bunch of other things, too. How to be a Big Kid is here to help children learn the skills they need to take care of themselves, get along with others, and be ready to go on their first day of school.

An ABC of Flowers by: Jutta Hilpuesch

Step into the garden and learn your ABC’s with this colorful feast for the eyes! From asters and daisies to roses and sunflowers, An ABC of Flowers is a colorful burst from the garden that will have little hands eager to grab.

Say Hello! by: Rachel Isadora

Carmelita loves to greet everyone in her neighborhood. There are people from so many different cultures and they all like to say hello too, so now Carmelita can say hello in Spanish, English, French, Japanese and many other languages. This simple portrait of a child’s day provides a great introduction to the joy of language.

Trains Go! by: Steve Light

Take a trip on eight noisy trains as they huff, puff, and toot-toot their way through this lively board book! Perfect for the young train enthusiast.

Summaries provided by publishers.