Reading aloud with your child every day is a great way to build literacy, imagination, and a love of books. Here are a few suggestions for children ages 3-6 to get you started on some summer reading! We’ve hyperlinked the title with a link to purchase.

Crocodiles Need Kisses Too by: Rebecca Colby; illustrated by: Penelope Dullaghan

Everyone needs hugs and love in this offbeat, upbeat ode to the not-so-cuddly–and yet still sweet and beloved!

A New Kind of Wild by: Zara Gonzalez Hoang

When Ren moves to Ava’s city, he feels lost without the green and magic of his home, but not everything in the city is what meets the eye, and Ren discovers that nothing makes you feel at home quite like a friend.

Some Bugs by: Angela DiTerlizzi; illustrated by: Brendan Wenzel

Featuring insects including butterflies and moths, crickets and cicadas, bumblebees and beetles, this zippy rhyming exploration of backyard-bug behavior is sure to have insect enthusiasts of all ages bugging out with excitement! 

Alfie: The Turtle That Disappeared by: Thyra Heder

Nia loves Alfie, her pet turtle. But he’s not very soft, he doesn’t do tricks, and he’s pretty quiet. Sometimes she forgets he’s even there! That is until the night before Nia’s seventh birthday when Alfie disappears! Then, in an innovative switch in point of view, we hear Alfie’s side of the story. Can he find a gift and make it back in time?

Natsumi! By: Susan Lendroth; illustrated by: Priscilla Burris

When Natsumi’s family practices for their town’s Japanese arts festival, Natsumi tries everything. But her stirring is way too vigorous for the tea ceremony, her dancing is just too imaginative, and flower arranging doesn’t go any better. Can she find just the right way to put her exuberance to good use? This heartwarming tale about being true to yourself is perfect for readers who march to their own beat.

If I Built a Car by: Chris Van Dusen

Young Jack is giving an eye-opening tour of the car he’d like to build. There’s a snack bar, a pool, and even a robot named Robert to act as a chauffeur! Illustrations packed with witty detail, and bright colors recall the fabulous fifties and an era of classic American automobiles. Infectious rhythm and clever invention make this wonderful read-aloud a launchpad for imaginative fun.

Beginning Reader series

Try one of these series if your child is starting to read independently.

  • Elephant and Piggie by: Mo Willems
  • Clara & Clem by: Ethan Long
  • Putter and Tabby by: Cynthia Rylant
  • Maud the Koala by: J.E. Morris
  • Fly Guy by: Ted Arnold
  • Ballet Cat by: Bob Shea


Summaries provided by publishers.